Shire Upholstery

Here at Shire Upholstery we pride ourselves on being able to offer a quality service of upholstery and supplier of numerous types and qualities of foam from memory latex foam to caravan seating foam up to the size of a double bed and single size foam. We cater for many locations and have a pickup and delivery service.

When buying a sofa, we never think to look at the interiors , we at Shire Upholstery will ensure you get the correct fittings and fillings for your sofa that or that very special sentimental chair you treasure. We pride ourselves on being able to give advice on getting the most comfort out of your favorite furniture. Perhaps you have been sitting on the incorrect cushion and comfort has not been as it should be, here at Shire Upholstery we specialize in Domed latex cushions of all sizes and shapes, our cushions are solid replacements for the large fibre filled cushions which lose body and shape, a refit of latex foam will give new life to that quality sofa which will last the lifetime of the suite.

        memory foamIf it is a firm, high density foam you require, we have 40cm blue foam or sandwich foam comprising of reconstituted foam with a latex layer for comfort. You may require a layer of foam for that hard bed you purchased, we can supply foam cut to size for a softer feel. We have 50cm peach foam which has a velvet touch for comfort.

You may feel you would like to try a bit of DIY upholstery of your own, within our shop we have numerous cushions and sheet foam. Perhaps you have a complex enquiry i.e. such as students or those dealing in interior designing.

    budgetWe have completed many types of work dealing with the national Museum for film photography in Bradford Yorkshire, so we understand the complexity of study within design. For that special holiday home, motor home, touring caravan or static caravan, for that seating that lacks luster, we can replace your old foam with best quality foam without you having a full recover(on some occasions). This is done by undoing the existing seating, then replacement foam added, then we will put your seating back to its original state making that beautiful holiday home, that special place to be for comfort and relaxation.

Here at Shire Upholstery we take great pride in giving all types of advice, you may call into the shop at 57 Yorkshire Street for that specialist approach, with the kind of approach that is warming and helpful, just ask and we will help you with your specific needs and wants.